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VTB is a Russian-owned international bank having presence in 19 countries. VTB is the Second Largest Bank in Russia, with 85% shareholding by the Government of the Russian Federation and an asset base of more than USD 100 Billion. VTB Group over the years has maintained a position of fastest growing banking institution in Russia. The International rating agencies like Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch have traditionally given VTB the highest possible ratings among the Russian Banks. VTB has also been ranked 2nd in terms of assets and equity.
VTB Group has an extensive branch network throughout Russia, with more than 500 outlets and a client base representing the entire gamut of industry and trade. More than 60% of the largest companies in Russia bank with VTB. Our presence across the globe is unique and diversified with Correspondent Bank networks in more than 100 countries including CIS. We have a network of our own branches, subsidiaries and associated banks spread over the vast expanse of Russia, extending from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad.
VTB Bank,New Delhi Branch, started its operations in India in the year 2008, with its maiden branch in New Delhi located at The Taj Mahal Hotel, Lobby Mezzanine Floor, No.1 Mansingh Road, New Delhi 110 011.
VTB New Delhi caters to ‘The Privileged Class of Customer’ and offers wide range of banking services. VTB New Delhi offers Fund Based and Non Fund Based credit facilities which includes short term and long term loans, working capital demand loans, export/import documents collection and discounting facilities , documentary credits, pre and post shipment credit and other corporate banking services. We also provide special ""Counseling & Professional Services’ to our clients from both Russia and India.
Our vast expertise in foreign trade and our presence both in India, Russia & CIS countries benefits business and create new avenues for trade between these countries.

362 offices located all over the world

New Delhi Branch
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VTB Group has established a strategic holding governance model including:
  • one strategy for all VTB Group companies;
  • a common brand;
  • centralized financial-efficiency and risk management;
  • unified compliance systems;
  • coordinated planning and reporting processes;
  • a focus on implementing best practices and developing common standards.
Under the current governance system, management procedures fall into two major categories:
  • Administrative management: managing subsidiaries within VTB Group’s Organizational Structure. This is done by means of corporate governance mechanism, with the parent bank exercising its rights as principal shareholder through representatives appointed to the management bodies of Group subsidiaries;
  • Functional management: coordination along business lines and support and oversight areas within VTB Group. Functional coordination is an additional governance mechanism for an early-stage expert review of management decisions to achieve the maximum synergies within the Group, to share best practices among Group companies along business lines, and to limit risk exposure. Functional coordination also facilitates knowledge and experience sharing, and allows pooling of available resources for certain projects. It also helps create common standards, principles and limits for certain business lines.
VTB Group’s Management Committee operates at Group level. The Committee:
  • considers strategies for various business lines;
  • reviews the business plans of VTB Group and its members;
  • analyzes progress reports on these business plan;
  • evaluates liquidity and risk;
  • supervises the implementation of priority projects;
  • approves standards, approaches and principles for VTB Group’s operations.
The governance system strategy for 2010–2013 aims to bring the strategy into line with VTB Group’s current objectives, including strengthening the role of product and business lines.
VRB is not a member of VTB Group. However, the Bank may exercise significant influence over its activities due to its large holding of VRB shares.
VTB Group governance aims to leverage the Group’s competitive edge, increase its share of target markets, enhance its performance indicators and strengthen VTB Group’s capitalization.


Mrs. Elena Komarova
Interim Chief Executive Office, JSC VTB Bank, New Delhi
Mr. Dmitry Sotnikov
Deputy CEO, JSC VTB Bank New Delhi Branch
Ms. Monika Bhanot
Deputy CEO, JSC VTB Bank New Delhi Branch

Tel.: +91-11-66221000
Fax: +91-11-66221024

Nodal Officer for Complains Redressal

Ms. Monika Bhanot
Head-Legal & Compliance JSC VTB Bank New Delhi Branch

Tel.: +91-11-66221000
Fax: +91-11-66221024