The recruitment of the employees is made from the following sources:
  • Advertisement in local newspapers
  • Placement services
  • References from employees
1. Position
Risk Manager
Work Location
New Delhi
Below 40 years
Educational Qualification
Graduate / Post Graduate / MBA, Preferably CA with Banking Experience
6+ years of Treasury & Risk management experience
Commensurate with qualification and experience
Job Responsibilities
Supervise & Co-ordinate execution of Loan Documents (including equitable mortgage from the borrowers & maintain the custody of the security documents of loan assets.
Calculation of Provisions/Reserves requirements on loans portfolio.
Preparation/checking /submission of various risk related RBI reports.
Preparation/checking /submission of various risk related H.O. reports
Assessing the risk profile of loan proposals and approval of Credit Ratings
Monitoring of status of unsecured and secured advances as per policy
Monitoring of sector wise flow of funds defined in loan policy
Monitoring of Credit Exposure to various Single/Group borrowers defined in the loan policy
Monitoring of priority sector targets achievements.
Control of Credit Risk, Risk Based Supervision and Risk Audit and submission of related information of the branch to RBI / HO
To ensure the implementation and Updation of Policies and Procedures of the Risk Department.
To implement and comply with RBI directions relating to NCAF
To submit and maintain records of various prescribed reports to RBI, HO and other authorities
To act and maintain records as Nodal Officer for MIS of the Branch
To comply with RBI guidelines on risk management aspects of the Branch
To conduct Internal Audit of Operation Department and submit the report to the management
To execute any other Job which may be assigned from time to time
To support the department and management in framing policies and procedures to improve the functioning of the Bank.
2. Position
Senior Accountant
A CA degree is a must.
Experience of working in a Bank for 7 C 8 years.
Age : not more than 40 years.
Knowledge about BASEL III norms .
Job Description
  1. Preparation of Indian Trail Balance and Balance Sheet Profit and Loss.
  2. Convert Russian Balances to Indian Balances on a daily basis and keep the track of all the adjustments & changes and keep updating the same into the system.
  3. Compliance of Tax Deductible at Source for the Bank.
  4. Calculate the Income Tax, Service Tax and Corporate Tax.
  5. Prepare details of Income Tax, Service Tax and Corporate Tax.
  6. Prepare and submit various returns:
    7.1 TDS Returns
    7.2 Service Tax Reports/Returns
    7.3 Income Tax Return/Form 3CD/Form 3CEB with Income Tax Department.
    7.4 Filing of Expats Income Tax Return
    7.5 Filing of Wealth Tax Return
    7.6 Obtaining the NIL TDS Certificate
    7.7 Filing of Annual Return with ROC
  7. Submit the RBI Reports , e.g.: Form A ,Form VIII, Form X ,ALE, ROR, Liquidity Coverage Ratio, RAQ, RBS, RLC, FINREP, BSA Return, Structured Liquidity returns , Basel III Liquidity returns, RCA-3, Leverage Ratio Return Large Exposure Framework, Interest Rate Sensitivity, R- Return , Liberalized Remittance Scheme etc.
  8. Implement IFRS & Reporting based on IFRS.
  9. Should know how to prepare a Bank’s income tax return.
  10. Should be aware of all compliances related to Income Tax Act , GST, TDS and other accounts related activities,
  11. Prepare MI Pack file on a monthly basis.
  12. Comply with all AML rules.
3. Position
IT & Telecom Specialist
An IT degree from a reputed institute.
Experience : 5-7 years (preferably working in a Bank )
Age : not more than 40 years.
Knowledge about Hardware and Software
Job Description
  1. To manage the IT & Telecom infrastructure of the Bank.
  2. To manage all IT & Telecom Equipment and Software.
  3. To handle day to day troubleshooting of IT equipments, Server and also to solve users problem(s) and provide them faculty management services.
  4. To prepare and forward the reports / returns to RBI and Head Office timely.
  5. To maintain all records related to IS audit and also other required records by RBI.
  6. To attend to any other work assigned from time to time.
4. Position
Internal Auditor
A CA degree is a must.
Experience of working in a Bank for 10 C 15 years.
Knowledge about BASEL III norms.
The desired areas of knowledge and experience include banking operations, accounting, information technology, data analytics and forensic investigation, among others. Should have requisite skills to audit all areas of the bank.
Job Description
  1. Undertake an independent risk assessment for the purpose of formulating a risk-based audit plan. This risk assessment would cover risks at various levels/areas (corporate and branch, the portfolio and individual transactions, etc.) as also the associated processes.
  2. Review/report on:- ・ process by which risks are identified and managed in various areas; the control environment in various areas; gaps, if any, in control mechanism which might lead to frauds, identification of fraud prone areas; data integrity, reliability and integrity of MIS; internal, regulatory and statutory compliance; budgetary control and performance reviews; transaction testing/verification of assets to the extent considered necessary, monitoring compliance with the risk-based internal audit report, variation, if any, in the assessment of risks under the audit plan vis-à-vis the risk based internal audit.
  3. Review of the systems in place for ensuring compliance with money laundering controls; identifying potential inherent business risks and control risks, if any; suggesting various corrective measures and undertaking follow up reviews to monitor the action taken thereon.
  4. Objectively assess the bank’s IT and business processes.
  5. Assess the company’s risks and the efficacy of its risk management efforts.
  6. Ensure that the organization is complying with relevant laws and statutes.
  7. Evaluate internal control and make recommendations on how to improve.
  8. Prepare an Audit Report
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